TRAC Regional Groups

TRAC Regional Groups

Regional TRAC groups support the sector with sustainability and TRAC issues, on a 'self-help' basis.

The TRAC Development Group recognises that the regional groups are a key means of support for TRAC practitioners. Members of the TRAC Support Unit regularly attend meetings of the regional groups to share information, provide support and understand common issues.

Regional contacts

The TRAC regional groups have been established and are active for the following regions:

Region Chair Secretary Contact
London Graham Willard Rotates with host
Midlands Ryan Emery Raj Patel
North East Graham Smith Paul Woodhouse and Tracy McLaughlin
North West Catharine Carter Tim Statham
Scotland Kathryn Davidson and Michell Rhind Rotates with host ;
South Paul Sloan Rotates with host
South West Justin Crews Helen Donnelly
Wales Kathryn Boyle Louise Dunbar
Group of Five Rotates with host Rotates with host

Find out more

To join a TRAC regional group, or to find out the date of the next meeting, either contact the chair of each group directly or ask the TRAC Support Unit.

To volunteer for a vacant post, please contact the helpdesk or phone 0115 935 3400.