TRAC guidance 2018-19

TRAC guidance for 2018-19 returns

Chapter Subject Ref Section
Full TRAC guidance (v2.4)
1 Introduction 1.1 Introduction
1.2 Principles and standards
1.3 TRAC activity definitions
2 Governance and quality assurance 2.1 Governance and quality assurance of TRAC
3 TRAC process 3.1 Data required for TRAC
3.2 Sustainability adjustments
3.3 Direct cost attribution
3.4 Allocating departmental and central costs
3.5 Income allocation
4 TRAC Reporting 4.1 Annual TRAC return
4.2 Research charge-out rates
4.3 TRAC for Teaching return - TRAC(T)
5 Application of Charge-Out Rates 5.1 Calculation of research project costs
6 Glossary 6.1 Glossary of terms
Annexes 1.1a Change log
1.2a Materiality
1.2b Dispensation
2.1a Requirements and processes for changes in compliance status or institutional status
2.1b Assurance reminders checklist
3.1a Academic time allocation survey form
3.1b Pension cost adjustment calculator
3.1c Indexation worksheet
3.2a MSI calculation 2018-19 - July 2019
3.5a Income allocation table 2018-19
3.5b Guidance on allocation of OfS/Funding Council grants
4.1a 2018-19 TRAC return template
4.1b TRAC peer groups 2018-19
4.2a Facility costing template
4.2b Technician survey template
4.2c HM Treasury letter – University Research: Costs to Government Departments (13 February 2004)
4.3a 2018-19 TRACT return template
4.3b HESA academic cost centres
4.3c Funding proxy for non-subject-related activities (Office for Students)
4.3d Funding proxy for non-subject-related activities (SFC)
4.3e TRAC(T) Removal of non-subject-related costs

TRAC Statement of Requirements

All the TRAC requirements have been pulled together in this document, to help institutions to assess compliance both in designing their TRAC process and in the sign-off process for the TRAC returns.

Note: this does not contain any new, different or additional information to the requirements in the guidance above.