Help and support

Help and support

Support for TRAC is available via several routes.

TRAC Regional Groups support the sector with sustainability and TRAC issues, on a ‘self-help’ basis. The groups also produce good practice reference materials offering practical, tactical support to the sector.

Contact or join your TRAC Regional Group

The TRAC Support Unit, run by KPMG, provides technical assistance and other associated support:

  • the TRAC Helpdesk (covering all aspects of the TRAC Guidance, annual TRAC, TRAC(T) and TRAC EC-FP7)
  • policy research and support to the Financial Sustainability Strategy Group and the TRAC Development Group
  • TRAC Guidance research and development
  • communication with the sector on TRAC
  • support for the TRAC Regional Groups
  • promotion of TRAC among the sector’s stakeholders.

The British Universities Finance Directors Group (BUFDG) hosts discussion boards on its website.