How to use the guidance

How to use the guidance

Each chapter of the guidance is made up of a series of sections in a standard structure:

Heading Description
Introduction The introduction explains the context for the chapter.
Aim The aim provides a clear statement about what the chapter will achieve.
Process flowchart A diagram or flowchart will summarise the key steps in the process that the section describes.
The requirements Sets out the mandatory TRAC requirements. These are differentiated from good practice or procedural steps, which are detailed in later sections. In some cases, elements of the ‘Process’ section (described below) are also TRAC requirements. Where this is the case, this section will cross-refer to the step in the process (all separately referenced). NB: all of the TRAC requirements are listed in the TRAC Statement of Requirements.
Process Describes how the TRAC process may operate to help people implement the requirements. These descriptions are only illustrations and not requirements, unless identified as outlined above.
What could go wrong Lists common areas of non-compliance with the TRAC requirements. By pointing out these areas, it aims to help institutions avoid them. NB: all of the TRAC Guidance ‘What could go wrong’ sections are also listed in Annex 2.1b: Assurance reminders checklist.
Annexes Where templates support the process, these will be available in this section.
Associated good practice and other relevant reference material This includes other sources of reference material or publications that could provide further insight or ideas in meeting the TRAC requirements.

The change log (Annex 1.1a) highlights where updates have been made since the TRAC Guidance version used for the previous year. Changes are also highlighted in the guidance documents using bold blue text.

TRAC Guidance navigation card

This card illustrates the contents of each section within each chapter of the TRAC Guidance. This should help users to recognise the different stages of the TRAC process and to navigate between chapters and sections.